Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products sold in the Bak Bak K-Store original?

All products sold in the Bak Bak K-Store are original.

Are the merchandise official?

All merchandise is official, except those categorized as Fanmade.

Are the products in the European Union?

All products that are available in stock are in our warehouse in Portugal.

Can I buy a product in pre-sale with another(s) available in stock?

Yes, however in this case your order will be dispatched when all products in the order are already available in our warehouse in Portugal.

If I bought a product on Pre-Order, and now I wish to order another product so that they can be shipped together, will I have to pay for two shipments?

If you have placed an order for a Pre-order product and wish to place a new order for another product so that they can be shipped together, you can let us know via email, Instagram or Twitter so that we can generate a free shipping coupon for the new order, however the order status has to be as “Awaiting Fullfilment” or “Custom Clearence”.

When will I receive my pre-sale product?

If you bought a product in pre-order, please observe the information on “Pre-sale Products” section, of our Shipping Policies. Your product will be dispatched when it arrives in our warehouse in Portugal.

I want to order an album that comes with an extra Photocard, can I choose the member?

All Optional Photocard are random, but if you have any preferences you can also write a list of priorities in Order Notes on the checkout page, and we will try to send it to you, depending on our stock.

Do albums for sale on Bak Bak K-Store reflect on the South Korean charts, such as Gaon and Hanteon?

Yes, all K-Pop albums sold by Bak Bak K-Store count towards Gaon and Hanteo, as our suppliers are members of the Gaon and Hanteo “family”.

If I buy a pre-order product, am I guaranteed to receive the product?

Yes, however the delivery term of a pre-sale product depends on the manufacturer and the supplier.

I bought a piece of clothing and it didn't fit me. Can I exchange it for one of a different size?

If you bought clothes that are available in more than one size, we can exchange the clothes if they are unworn, unmarked, without stains, odours, have not been washed, ironed, steamed or ironing.

I cannot find the product I want listed on Bak Bak K-Store. Can I suggest that you add the product in shop?

Yes. If you want a product that is not in our catalogue, you can fill in the form under Request a Product”.

Why the products from Bak Bak K-Store are priced higher than those in South Korean shops?

Apart from the retail costs charged by Korean shops, when we import a product from South Korea to the European Union there are other factors that affect the price: VAT, the high cost of freight charged by South Korean carriers, customs clearance fees and packaging and storage costs.

I bought a product for a gift, will it be delivered already wrapped?

No. The gift wrapping will be sent to you along with the product for you to pack.

What is the reason for the product I bought as a gift not to be delivered already wrapped?

To ensure the integrity of the gift wrapping, we prefer to send it separately, otherwise during the shipping process the gift wrapping may be damaged.

What is included in the "Bak Bak Gift Wrapping Kit"?

The Bak Bak Gift Wrapping Kit comes with a lovely gift bag, a dedication tag, sisal twine and a Bak Bak sticker.