About our online store

We are a small and family business that was born out of the will to change the world. And we soon realized that the world is already being changed.

Bak Bak K-Store makes itself present to facilitate the entrance of happiness in your life. Music, art, admiration for idols, and what they symbolize and represent for each of us.

what's our purpose?

Our goals

Bak Bak K-Store is here to fulfill your dreams about Korean products: albums, DVDs, merchandise, accessories, fan-made products, etc.

Always connected to the world of K-Pop and K-Drama, a universe of Korean pop music and TV, which is currently being heavily promoted in the media. After all, the feeling conveyed by the songs and TV shows is one of joy, love, union and hope.


Our Brand

"Bak Bak" (in hangul "박박") is short for the word "대박" romanized as "Daebak," meaning "great," "very good". Such a term became popular on the Internet and social media by K-Pop fans in Korea, and was recognized in the West after it became a meme and went viral on Twitter.

how did it start?

Our Pre-Debut Journey

Bak Bak was idealized by two siblings (one sister and one brother), whose passion for K-Pop began in 2014, and has only grown since then. As fans of the Korean Pop universe, we were frustrated by the increasing difficulty and high costs of importing products from South Korea to the European Union, and we decided to put a stop to it! So, we created Bak Bak K-Store to be your favorite store for Korean products, with the best prices, the fastest delivery, the best gifts and, most importantly, the store that treats customers as if they were the owners themselves, because after all, we're K-Pop fans too, and we intend to be our own customers.