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A ver. [Orange]
B ver. [Blue]
Set ver. [A ver. + B ver.]

ITZY – CHESHIRE [Special Edition]

19,99 38,99 
A Ver. (CHESHIRE Standard)
B Ver. (CHESHIRE Standard)
C Ver. (CHESHIRE Standard)

ITZY – CHESHIRE [Standard] + POBs

Type A [Limited CD + DVD]
Type B [Limited CD + DVD]

ITZY – Blah Blah Blah (2nd Japan Single Album) [Limited Edition]

29,99 30,99 
A Ver. (Cream)
B Ver. (Mint)
C Ver. (Blue)
Set Ver. (A+B+C)

ITZY – CHECKMATE [Special Edition]

19,99 58,99 
ICY ver.
ITz ver.

ITZY – IT’z Icy (1st Mini Album)

Limited Type A + DVD
Limited Type B

ITZY – Voltage (1st Japan Single Album) [Limited Edition]

28,99 29,99 
With Pre-Order Benefits (Random)
Without Pre-Order Benefits (Random)

ITZY – Not Shy (3rd Mini Album) + Pre-Order Benefits*

24,99 29,99